Composite Sampling Assessment

Composite sampling consists of a collection of numerous individual discrete samples taken at regular intervals over a period of time (usually 24-hours). The material being sampled is collected in a common container over the sampling period.

The chemical composition of effluents or waters can vary significantly over short timeframes. Where it is necessary to evaluate the concentration of specified constituents of an effluent or water, this variation can cause error (overestimation or underestimation) where grab sampling is carried out. This sampling error is often resolved by taking multiple replicate samples over time and analysing each individually, which can prove costly.

An alternative cost effective method is to carry out composite sampling in order to reduce sample variability prior to carrying out expensive laboratory analysis.

Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd can provide composite sampling services for a variety of applications, including;

  • Wastewater Treatment Systems,
  • Water Treatment Systems,
  • Stormwater Monitoring,
  • Monitoring of ambient surface-waters, etc.

For effluent treatment systems, Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd can use composite sampling methods to conduct performance evaluation in a standardised, accurate and reproducible setting. Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd provide tailored solutions to improve ETP management, running costs, efficiency and performance.

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