Effluent Plant Design

Mike Fraher has had many years’ experience in troubleshooting wastewater treatment plant issues.  Over the past 20 years Mike has been asked on a number of occasions to look at operational problems in wastewater treatment plants, to find out things like “why does our effluent plant smell” or “why is our final effluent so poor”?

Mike has an established relationship with local and regulatory authorities and he understands their requirements with regards to a new build or an extension to an existing facilities wastewater treatment plant.

Mike now works on wastewater treatment plant design projects from a process design point of view and can work with a client from choosing the right system for you and seeing you to the end of your project.

If you would like to speak to Mike about any issues you’re having with your effluent plant or you are thinking to extend or build a new effluent plant, give us a call on 059-9134222 or 087-8519284.


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