Biological Water Quality Assessment

A Biological Water Quality Assessment (also called Q Index Assessment) on nearby rivers and streams is often a requirement of an IPPC Licence and Waste Water Discharge Authorisation issued by the EPA.

Here at Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd, we are skilled in the assessment of biological water quality through standard methods and the EPA Biotic Index (Q-score) methodology.

The EPA methodology involves;
• Aquatic macro-invertebrate surveying.
• Summary of substrate characteristics, benthic and riparian flora cover.
• Accompanying physico-chemical analysis.

We can provide bespoke monitoring programmes to meet your needs, including supplementary interpretation of ecological data using several biotic indices, including Biological Monitoring Working Group (BMWP) score and the associated Average Score per Taxon (ASTP), Trent Biotic Index (TBI) and Chandler Biotic Index (CBI).

If you have any queries or would like to contact us regarding the above service, then please feel free to use the inquiry form or contact us on 059-9134222.

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