Environmental Noise Modelling

Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd personnel have extensive skills and experience in relation to modelling of road, rail and industrial noise sources. We use leading proprietary acoustic modelling software, SoundPlan Version 8, to predict noise in the environment, emitted by various sources, which propagate and disperse over a given terrain in accordance with the laws of physics, allowing for the generation of detailed models.

The use of a computer based noise model lends itself to ongoing evaluation of proposals and provides output that is detailed and extensive.

Our engineers use their in-depth knowledge of Irish, British and International standards to determine appropriate limit values and the extent of any impact.

In the event that limit values are predicted to be exceeded, we can provide detailed advice with respect to practicable and cost effective means to control the noise impact.

Technical reports present the results of the modelling along with clear and concise recommendations for mitigation measures.

    Panther Environmental Solutions