Firewater Risk Assessment

A Firewater Risk Assessment to cover all aspects of a site’s activities is required by the IPPC licence.

The content and format of the report need to reflect the requirements of the EPA Guidance document and as such, the Risk Assessment will need to involve an estimation of the following:

  1. Fire Load
  2. Fire Risk
  3. Environmental Load
  4. Environmental Risk

Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd are Firewater Risk Assessment Consultants in Ireland who have an excellent track record and reputation for Firewater Risk Assessment. We can help you carry out or take a lead role in carrying out all steps involved in a Firewater Risk Assessment and its accompanying report. Our services typically result in delivery of the following:-

  • An assessment of the environmental Risk from contaminated firewater in the event of a fire.
  • Definition of the requirement for firewater retention facilities, as per IPPC Licence Requirements.
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Procedures to minimise Environmental and Corporate Risk.
  • Preparation and submission to the EPA of a Firewater Risk Assessment Report.

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