Wastewater Management

Good wastewater management (effluent management) is vital to improving overall environmental performance. Effluent in the artificial sense is generally considered to be water pollution, such as the outflow from a sewage treatment facility or the wastewater discharge from industrial facilities.

In the context of wastewater treatment plants, effluent that has been treated is sometimes called secondary effluent, or treated effluent. This cleaner effluent is then used to feed the bacteria in bio-filters.

Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd can :-

Provide advice on process design and operation of wastewater treatment systems.

Assess existing systems, optimise their performance, and develop cost effective plans for upgrading or extending existing plants where necessary. Please read our testimonial on upgrading effluent treatment plants.

We can also audit process areas to help develop waste reduction programmes, and in many cases overcome the need for extending a wastewater treatment plant.

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