Tank, Sump & Lagoon Integrity Testing

Panther Environmental Solutions Ltd provides an expert Tank, Sump & Lagoon Integrity Testing service. This includes both a visual inspection and a water retention test.

Tank, Sump & Lagoon Integrity Testing is carried out in accordance with the following:

  1. British Standard BS 8007:1987 – Design of Concrete Structures for Retaining Aqueous Liquids.
  2. CIRIA report 163 – Construction of Bunds for Oil Storage Tanks.
  3. CIRIA report C736 – Containment Systems for the Prevention of Pollution.
  4. EPA’s Guidance Note on the Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities.

We can also provide an overview of your integrity testing requirements. This includes a detailed report, recommendations and allows you to easily track the integrity of your tanks, sumps & lagoons over time to ensure they remain certified and sound at all times.


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